Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spring Training Series
Two (2) Metro Detroit Cycling Club members represented at the first of the Spring Training Series Races held in Waterford, Michigan this past Saturday. This was the first race participation of the year for the club. Approximately 89 men and women braved the cold & wind to test their legs in this early season. All racers were congratulated by the race organizers for their ability to "just show up!" They also went on to say that many of our riding buddies had "planned to show up" but had not made the decision to "show up". Unfortunately, a lot of that speech went over our heads because the longer he talked the colder we got. But I'm sure it was a good speech.

In the "C" category race the MDCC finished 15th out of 25. It is said that these early season training races are held to evaluate where you stand fitness and race technique wise. These races are designed to familiarize you with holding a wheel, working the draft, responding to accelerations, riding smoothly and predictably, protecting your position in the pack, and learning to move up/down the bunch, etc.

Upon finishing the race we were congratulated again and then asked to state what we gained from the experience. Hopefully, we can take what we learned today and apply it next time.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Flyte Performance Bicycles, Inc.
Inks Deal To Sponsor
Metro Detroit Cycling Club